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Pepper, Hot
  • Hot Pepper, Anaheim ChiliHot Pepper, Anaheim Chili
  • Hot Pepper, Big JimHot Pepper, Big Jim
  • Hot Pepper, Cayenne Long SlimHot Pepper, Cayenne Long Slim
  • Hot Pepper, HabeneroHot Pepper, Habañero
  • Hot Pepper, Yellow Hungarian WaxHot Pepper, Yellow Hungarian Wax
  • Hot Pepper, JalepenoHot Pepper, Jalapeño
  • Hot Pepper, Sierra Fuego HybridHot Pepper, Sierra Fuego Hybrid
  Variety Days* Shape/size Color Pungency/heat** Comments
P Anaheim Chili 75-80 Chile, tapered 6-8" x 1.5" Dark green to red 900-3,500 Meatier, milder chile. Plants have good cover, and bear throughout season.
P Big Jim 75 Long, tapered 6.7" x 1.8" at shoulder Green to red Medium hot Also called NuMex Big Jim. 24 to 40 4 oz. pods on 16–24"plants. Flowers when hot and dry. Crop ripens at once.
OG Cayenne Color Blend Golden Cayenne. 62–70 days. Pencil thin. 6" long. Ripen from yellow to crimson. 1,000–1,500 Scovilles.
Purple Cayenne. 67–72 days. Very hot. Curled, twisted, pointed fruit with thin walls measure 4–6" long x .5–.75" thick. Turns from green to purple to red. Develop early. Use from 1".
Sweet Cayenne. 75 days. Thin walls. Can grow to 1' long! Ripens from light green to yellow to orange to crimson red. Excellent fryer.
Red Cayenne Thin. 70–75 days. Very hot. Slender, long, wrinkled peppers, 5–6 x .75", thin walls, two cells. Ripens from dark green to bright red. Easy to can, dry, pickle. Vigorous 22–30" spreading plants.
P Cayenne Long Slim 70-75 Conical, 5x0.5" Dark green turns deep red 3,500-5,000 Very hot. Spreading plant. Productive.
P Habañero 90-100 Lantern, 1x2" Green to yellow-orange Up to 215,000! Hottest pepper known to man. Similar to variant called Scotch Bonnet.
P Hot Sampler Mix Mixture of Anaheim, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Jalapeno M, and Long Slim Cayenne
P Hungarian Yellow Wax 65-70 Conical, 5.5x1.6" Yellow to orange-red 2,000-4,000 Upright productive plant. Early and continuous set. Popular fresh and pickled.
  Jalapeño M 60-65 Blunt, tapered 2.5x1.5" Dark green turns red 4,000-6,000 Early concentrated set. Uniform, hot fruit.
P Jalapeño TAM Mild 67 3-3.5" sausage shaped Dark green to red Mild heat The perfect gringo pepper, 1/4 to 1/2 as hot as regular Jalapeño and more prolific. 31" plant. Eat raw, roasted, pickled, canned, frozen.
P Sierra Fuego Hybrid 58-85 Cylindrical blocky 3 x 1.5" Dark green to red 4,000-6,000 Extremely heavy yield potential. Top quality, early fruit.

Pepper, Sweet
  Variety Days* Shape/size Color Comments
P California Wonder 300 75-80 4 lobed 4.5x4" Dark green turns red Widely adapted. Not just any bell pepper, the 300 is the best of class. Developed by eccentric plant breeder, actor, and artist Carrol Briggs, in his Asgrow years. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus
P Chocolate Beauty 75-80 4 lobed large bell Green to chocolate brown Very sweet when ripe brown.
P Cubanelle 62-70 3 lobed 3.5x2" Yellow green turns red Tapers to blunt end; mild, sweet.
P Four Colorful Bells Mix Mixture of Cal Wonder 300, Chocolate Beauty, Orange Sun, and Purple Beauty
  Golden Calwonder 72-75 Blocky 4x3.5" Medium green turns yellow Blocky, golden at full maturity.
P Orange Sun 75-100 4 lobed 3.5x4" Green to orange Very sweet when bright orange
P Purple Beauty 70-75 4 lobed 3.5x4.5" Green to purple Most tender and sweetest when purple. Excellent foliage protection.
OG Rainbow Blend A colorful blend of what are fast becoming heirloom peppers: Chinese Giant (green to red), Golden Cal Wonder, Orange Sun, Purple Beauty, Keystone Resistant Giant (green to red), Diamond (white).
P Sweet Banana 62-70 Tapered to point 6x1.5" Pale green turns red Colors is yellow and orange between green and red. Thick walls. Very sweet. Prolific plant.