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Pea — Pods inedible
  • Pea, Green ArrowPea, Green Arrow
  • Pea, KnightPea, Knight
  • Pea, Little MarvelPea, Little Marvel
  Variety Days Plant Height Pod Data Disease Comments
Length/shape # Peas Color
  Alaska 56 24-28" 1.5-2.5" Blunt 5-7 Light green F Standard first early canning pea. 1–2 pods per node.
  Alderman 75 40-72" 4-5" Pointed 8-10 Dark green   Also called Tall Tele phone. Favored for excellent eating quality. Bright green berries.
P Green Arrow 68 24-30" 4-4.5" Pointed 9-11 Medium green D, F Long a popular variety. Excellent flavor. Large pods, berries. Reliable.
  Knight 61 24" 3.5-4" Pointed 7-8 Medium green B, E, F, P Earliest pea with large diameter pods. Known for excellent flavor and yield potential. Improved disease package.
P Little Marvel 63 15-18" 3" Pointed 6-8 Dark green   Well–known old time home garden variety. Use Knight for larger peas and higher yield potential.
  Maestro 61 26-28" 3.5-4" Pointed 9 Medium green B, E, F, P After a few years of not being able to procure seed, we gladly offer this popular, well–known pea again. A fine early pea, high yield potential, and sweet flavor.
OG Progress #9 58 15-20" 4-5" Pointed 6-9 Dark green F Vigorous plants. Consistent heavy yields of large, wrinkeled peas with fine flavor and quality. Some splitting.

Snap Pea — Pods edible when flat, best when plump
  • Snap Pea, Sugar SprintSnap Pea, Sugar Sprint
  • Snap Pea, Super Sugar SnapSnap Pea, Super Sugar Snap
  Variety Days Plant height Pod length Color Disease Comments
  Sugar Ann 52 24-30" 2.5-3" Medium green   1984 All America Selections Award. Short vines need no support. Sugar Snap quality 14 days earlier. Sweet pods. 7 peas per pod. Freezes well.
OG Sugar Daddy 62 24-30" 2.5-3.5" Medium green P, R First stringless snap pea. Thick, fleshy pods, double at each node. At the top of the plant for easy picking. 6–7 peas per pod. Heavy yields with 3 pickings per season.
  Sugar Lace II 68 30" 3.5" Light green E, R, TP Stringless pods are ready to eat right from the garden. Semi-leafless plant eliminates the need for staking. High yield potential.
P Sugar Sprint 62 26" 3" Light green E, P Very sweet, stringless pods. Grow on stakes or on ground. Important disease resistance/tolerance. Excellent!
P Super Sugar Snap PVP 70 84" 3-3.5" Light green P, R The original tall Snap Pea improved for higher yield potential and even better flavor.

Snow or Sugar Pea — Pods edible when flat, inedible when plump
  • Snow Pea, Oregon GiantSnow Pea, Oregon Giant
  Variety Days Plant height Pod length Color Comments
P Dwarf Grey Sugar 65 28-30" 3" Light green Purple flowers. Known for edible leaves and stems. Yum.
OG Mammoth Melting Sugar 65 48-60" 4-5" Medium green Wilt resistant, productive plant needs support with trellis. Early uniform yields. Use like snap beans. Sweeter and more tender than Dwarf Grey Sugar. Creamy–white seed.
P Oregon Giant 69 30-36" 5.2" Medium green Giant pods. Excellent yield potential. White flowers.

Southern Pea or Cowpea
  • Southern Pea, California Blackeye #5Southern Pea, California Blackeye #5
  Variety Days Pea color Pod color Comments
P California Blackeye #46 75 Cream with a black eye Medium green Vigorous vines produce heavy yields of smooth–skinned pods. Resists wilt and nematodes.
  Pinkeye Purplehull BVR 60 Cream with a pink eye Deep purple The old standard pinkeye purplehull. 24" tall. 8" pods.
P Top Pick Brown Crowder 50-57 Pale pink, purple when dry Silver-green, pink when ready to pick Upright bush, superior to viney habit of Mississippi Silver. Concentrated set at top of plant. Shells easily. Superior disease tolerance. Best brown crowder.
P Top Pick Cream 50 Green turning to light cream Silvery green Upright bush. Concentrated set at top of plant. Superior to any other Cream pea. Easy shelling. Superior disease tolerance.
P Top Pick Pinkeye 50 Cream with a pink eye Pale green or light purple for fresh peas Upright bush with heavy blossom set, pod set at top. For fresh “green” peas, pick when pods are pale or light purple, NOT deep purple. Deep purple for dry peas. Easy shelling. Superior disease tolerance.