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Augmented Shrunken Sweet Corn
  • CascadeCascade
  • HolidayHoliday
  • OptimumOptimum
  Variety Days Kernal color Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
  Cascade 79 White 8" 1.8" 18 76" 20" MS A white version of Optimum, the eating quality is difficult to match, as a variety of sugars and old fashioned corn flavor merge and melt in your mouth. Amazingly productive and dependable plant.
  Holiday 84 Bicolor 8" 1.8" 18 74" 22" MR, HS, HN Noted for good emergence in cool soil, Holiday is a heterozygous augmented variety with extraordinary, superior flavor and crispness. Beautiful ears have near perfect fill every time.
  Optimum 78 Bicolor 8" 1.8" 18 76" 20" MR, MS, MN One of the best performing hybrids ever seen by the world's leading sweet corn breeders, who are using "scrumptious" and "tantalizing" to describe its superior eating quality and flavor. Excellent wrapper and tip fill. A hardy, productive plant.

Yellow Supersweet Sweet Corn
  • Supersweet JubileeSupersweet Jubilee
  • Xtra Sweet 82Xtra Sweet 82
  Variety Days Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
  Illini Xtra Sweet 87 7-8" 2" 16 84" 18" MS The original supersweet. We still sell quite a bit, but can no longer recommend its eating quality.
  Supersweet Jubilee 83 8.5" 1.8" 16-20 72" 36" MSO Exceptional. Refined sweet flavor, smooth texture. A notably tender pericarp for an sh2.
  Xtra Sweet 82 78 9" 2" 12-14 48" 15"   Popular supersweet. Good emergence, husk protection, kernel color. Newer varieties offer much better eating quality.

Synergistic or TripleSweet Sweet Corn
  • AvalonAvalon
  • BojanglesBojangles
  • Honey SelectHoney Select
  • Honey TreatHoney Treat
  Variety Days Kernal color Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Comments
  Avalon 82 White 8.2" 1.75" 16 72" 24" The first white TripleSweet, Avalon’s superb eating quality may be superior to every other white variety.
  Bojangles 74 Bicolor 8" 1.8" 14 88" 20" Bojangles produces an attractive ear with excellent eating quality and good husk protection on a sturdy plant, with early vigor. MN, MR, MS
P Honey Select 79 Yellow 8.5" 2" 18-20 72" 26" 2001 All America Selections Award. Big ear. Longer shelf life. Excellent flavor and tenderness. MS
  Honey Treat 76   8" 1.85" 14-18 78" 26" The excellent, outstanding eating quality of Honey Select, with an earlier maturity.
  • PolkaPolka
  • SerendipitySerendipity
P Polka 70 Bicolor 8.5" 1.7" 14-16 68" 16" A synergistic version of Trinity, with more sweetness and flavor. Cylindrical ears, refined kernels, good husk protection, excellent vigor, clean plant.
P Serendipity 82 Bicolor 8" 1.85" 16-18 84" 30" Much is claimed for this, the first Triplesweet variety — excellent seedling vigor, fine yield potential, clean plant, superb flavor. We continue to hear only compliments from those who grow it. MSO

Bicolor s.e. Sweet Corn
  • ColonialColonial
  • JackpotJackpot
  Variety Days Geno-type Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
  Ambrosia 75 hm 8" 2" 16 78" 20" HS Excellent gourmet eating quality. One of the sweetest s.e. types.
  Bon Jour 70 hm 7.5"   14-16 80" 20"   Succulent Tablesweet® eating quality with an excellent package and refined ear for the early season. Good ear placement on a clean plant.
OG Brocade 79 hm 8.5"   16-18 86" 22" HS An outstanding "package", a clean plant with great tolgreat tolerance to Stewart's Wilt.
P Colonial 75 hm 8" 1.75" 16-18 72" 18" MN, MR, MS Superior eating quality and delectable flavor meet a stellar disease package for improved yield potential.
  Fastlane 67 hm 7"   14-16 56" 12"   Beautiful early bicolor with an attractive, good-sized ear for the early season. Good cold soil vigor and good husk coverage. Great se eating quality.
  Jackpot 84 hm 8.8" 1.9" 16-18 72" 28" HR, MN, MR, MSO Excellent eating quality, consistent tip fill, and an impressive disease package. One of the best. Good for late season.
  Luscious 57 hm 8"   16-18 75" 15"   Excellent plant, package and heighted sweetness of the Tablesweet® eating quality. Attractive, blunt, large ear.
  Peaches & Cream Mid 83 ht 8-8.5" 1.7" 16-18 84" 26" MS Fair eating quality. Bland compared to hm (homozygous) types.
  Precious Gem 80 hm 9"   16-20 75" 18" HR, HS This reliable producer for multiple uses. Big ears with good husks snap easily from a clean plant that tolerates drought.

Yellow s.e. Sweet Corn
  • BodaciousBodacious
  • IncredibleIncredible
  • Kandy KingKandy King
  • Sugar BunsSugar Buns
  Variety Days Geno-type Ear length Ear Diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
P Bodacious 75 hm 8" 1.8" 18 84" 20" MR, MS Multipurpose 2nd early. Very good quality. Widely used.
  Incredible 84 hm 9.5" 2" 18 96" 30" MN, MR, MS Superb eating quality. Good husk protection. Attractive.
  Kandy King 73 hm 8.5" 1.8" 16-18 78" 20-24" MS, MSO Renowned as an early for proven emergence in cool soil, as well as for oustanding eating quality.
  Kandy Korn 84 ht 9" 1.8" 16 96-108" 31" MS Still popular. Burgundy streaked plant. Bland compared to hm se.
  Sugar Buns 71 hm 7.5" 1.7" 14 78" 20" MN Hard to beat for delicious, very sweet first-early corn. One of the sweetest of the s.e. types.
  Tendertreat 90 ht 9" 1.8" 16-18 96-120" 34" HR, MS Big tall plant, good yield potential, excellent quality for market.

Sugary Enhancer (s.e.) Genotype, White Sweet Corn
  • Silver KingSilver King
  Variety Days Geno-type Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
  Silver King 84 hm 8" 1.9" 16 72-84" 32" MN, MR, MS, MSO,SM Superb eating quality and tip fill. Widely adapted. Good husk protection and disease tolerance.
  Silver Princess 74 hm 7.5" 2" 18-20 72" 24" MN, MR Great eating quality and good size for an early season white.
OG Sugar Pearl 73 White 8"   14-16 78" 16"   Blocky ear. Sparkling white kernels. Clean crisp flavor is exceptional. Succulent texture.

Normal Sugar (s.u.) Genotype
  • Silver QueenSilver Queen
  • Sweet G 90Sweet G 90
  Variety Days Geno-type Ear length Ear diameter Row count Plant height Ear height Disease Comments
  Iochief 86 Yellow 8" 2" 14-16 78-84" 36"   Very old market variety. Long relegated to the home garden trade. Not recommended.
  Jubilee 81 Yellow 8.5" 1.8" 16-20 102" 36" MR, MSO Superb eating quality for a normal sugar made Jubilee the standard for many years.
  NK 199 82 Yellow 8" 2.5" 19-20 96" 48"   The original NK 199. Vigorous plant. Reliable producer. Among the best quality normal sugar types. Bland flavor compared to newer genetics.
  Silver Queen 88 White 8" 1.8" 14-16 108" 30" HN, HS, MSO Once the most well known variety. Widely adapted. Superb eating for a normal sugar genotype. Breeders will tell you in general that white kernels are just a little sweeter than yellow.
  Sweet G 90 85 Bicolor 9" 1.95" 16 96" 30"   Originally offered to Funks seed corn dealers, Sweet G–90 remains a farm favorite, particularly in the Southeast and Midwest (south of I-80). A reliable, rugged, vigorous hybrid.

Open-Pollinated Sweet Corn
  Variety Days Ear length Row count Plant height Comments
  Early Golden Bantam 75 6.5" 8 60-72" Old–time favorite for home garden.

Ornamental Corn and Popcorn
  • Broom Corn MixedBroom Corn Mixed
  • Earth Tones DentEarth Tones Dent
  • Ornamental CornOrnamental Corn
  Variety Days Ear length Plant height Comments
P Broom Corn Mixed 105 No ear 8-10' 24–36" spray of seed heads is used in crafts and dec o ra tions. Comb out the seeds and bundle to make brooms.
P Earth Tones Dent 95 8-10" 6' An assortment of beautiful colors never before seen on ears of corn. Reminiscient of the psychedelic sixties—colorful patterns on black–light posters, flower stickers on Volkswagens, and tie–dyed T–shirts.
P Green and Gold Dent 95 7-9" 6' The perfect natural decoration for game day to celebrate a famous football team or as a vegetative bower for an enthusiast of farm tractors or maybe these are the colors of the high school team in your town.
P Ornamental Corn 110 8-9" 7-8' 10% purple husks. Beautiful kernel col ors. Large ears. The standard "Indian corn."
  • Pod Corn, Mixed ColorsPod Corn, Mixed Colors
  • Popcorn, Carousel MiniaturePopcorn, Carousel Miniature
  • Popcorn, Robust Yellow Hybrid 20-70Popcorn, Robust Yellow Hybrid 20-70
P Pod Corn, Mixed Colors 100 5-4" An unusual ornamental with a husk called a glume covering each kernel. Glumes are a variety of colors interesting decorating possibilties—red, purple, brown, grey, even orange and tan stripes. Rarely are two ears identical. Harvest when wrapper turns brown.
P Popcorn, Carousel Miniature 100 3-4" 6' Red, blue, white, and yellow kernels are highly decorative. Popped fl akes are tiny and crisp.
P Popcorn, Robust White Hybrid 21-82W 105 6.5" 7' This white hulless pops crisp and tender. Excellent eating quality and improved stalk strength and yield potential.
  Popcorn, Robust Yellow Hybird 20-70 109 7.5" 7' Terrific expansion ability makes flakes fluffy and tender. Very tasty. Excellent stalk strength and yield potential.
  Popcorn, Strawberry 105 2" 3.5' Strawberry shape and color, grown for its attractive ornamental quality.