Beef Maestro

Big Rainbow

Brandywine Pink


 VarietyDays*Plant Habit/SizeFruit ShapeFruit SizeDisease**
PBeff Maestro Hybrid80Indeterminate largeOblate14 oz.LB, TMV

This is a very large fruited beefsteak type, with deep oblate, extremely large fruit. Very tasty!


 Beefsteak85Indeterminate largeOblate12 oz. 

Extra large, meaty fruit.


PBig Rainbow80Indeterminate largeOblat, ribbed shouldersUp to 2 lbs.Subject to cracks and catfacing

Heirloom from Polk County, Minnesota, 6 foot plants, huge rib-shouldered golden fruits with streaks of red russing through the flesh, fully ripened fruits are gold on stem end, red on blossom end..


PBradley75Indeterminate largeSlightly flattened globe6 oz.ASC, FI, St.

One of the all-time Southern favorites. Bradley’s reliable, productive plant has fairly good cover, producing attractive, smooth pink fruit with a tasty mild flavor.


OGBrandywine Mix

Black Indeterminate, potato leaf, 12–16 ounce purple–maroon, oval fruit, deep fruity flavor, pre 1900.
Pink See description below.
Red Large indeterminate potato leaf vines, deep red fruits, excellent flavor, fruit can weigh up to 2 lbs.
Yellow Indeterminate, fuzzy potato leaf vines, large fruit can weigh up to 2 lbs., excellent flavor for a yellow variety, delicious creamy texture, exceptional quality, heirloom.


PBrandywine Pink75-100Indeterminate "potato leaf"Oblate ribbed shoulders8-16 oz. 

This famous old-time pink is prized for incredible flavor. Matures late in northern areas. An Amish heirloom probably from the Ben Quisenberry collection.


PCelebration Hybrid72Vigorous DeterminateOblate8 oz.Anth, LB, TMV

A widely adapted and adaptable, vigorous plant. Uniform, high quality fruit. Excellence.



Colored Cherry Blend

Heirloom Rainbow Blend

Martino's Roma


 VarietyDays*Plant Habit/SizeFruit ShapeFruit SizeDisease**
PColored Cherry Blend

Will have part of any garden looking like a gumball machine. Heirloom Varieties include Green Grape, Pink Pearls, Gold Nugget, Tommy Toe (red), Isis Candy (bicolor), Mini Orange, Brown Cherry, Black Cherry (black/purple), and Snow White.


PContainers Choice52-75Compact determinateSlightly flat globe3-5 oz.LB, TMV

Aptly named. The compact, small, sturdy plant with rugoso leaves requires no cage or stake for support. Perfect for all container gardening. Crack resistant fruit are deep red with excellent flavor. Plants tolerate nemetodes.


PFlamé Orange70-90IndeterminateApricot shape, 1.5 diameters2-3 oz. 

This French heirloom is considered a cocktail tomato. Lovely, persimmon–orange color inside and out and intense, sweet, fruity flavor makes Flamé (pronounced flam–ay) a feast for the senses. Bears in clusters.


 Golden Jubilee72-85IndeterminateSlightly flattened globe6-7 oz. 

Meaty, thick, golden–orange walls have mild flavor, few seeds, not for far North, grow on ground


PHeirloom Rainbow Blend

Black Krim 69–90 days. Vigorous indeterminate. Flattened, globe-shaped dark red-purple fruit weigh 8–12 oz., have delicate skin, green shoulders, and green tinted flesh. Full flavor with slight saltiness that enhances the taste, very juicy!

German Johnson 76–80 days. Indeterminate. Large rough pink fruit average 0.75–1.5 lbs. Pink skin. Yellow shoulders. Very mild, low acid fruit are very meaty, with few seeds. Heavy yields. Good slicier for canning. Some disease resistance.

Coustralee 82 days. Indeterminate. Meaty, smooth red fruit are about 4 in. across.

Amana Orange 85–90 days. Indeterminate. Orange beefsteak type. Up to 5 in. diameter. Mild flavor.

Cherokee Purple. 72–90 days. Inderminate plant is rather short. 10–12 oz. fruit have flattened globe shape have flavorful purple-pink-brown flesh with green gel before fully ripe. From Tennessee and claimed to originate with the Cherokee people.

Green Zebra 75–90 days. Determinate. Yellow-green 1.5–2.5" fruit have dark green vertical stripes. Emerald-green flesh has mild but not bland flavor. Very productive.


 Marglobe Supreme73-77IndeterminateGlobe6 oz.F, LB, V

Better size and uniformity, less cracking and better color around stem, deep scarlet smooth globes, for humid climates, home, market, can or shipping, bright, and rust resistant.


PMartino's Roma75-90DeterminatePlum1.5 X 2.5" 

Direct from Italy, Martino’s is one of the finest paste tomatoes. Good yields, dry meaty flesh, and few seeds. Resists blossom end rot.


PRiesentraube75-85Indeterminate, compactGlobe1.5 X 1.25" 

German heirloom tops for sun drying in Italy. Name translates “giant bunch of grapes” for 20 to 40 red fruits produced per cluster. Good foliage cover. Flavor resembles beefsteak. Tougher skin enables perfect sun drying.


 Roma70-80Determinate, medium largePlum3 X 1.5"V

Strong vigorous plant produces up to 200 firm, meaty fruit with few seeds. Preferred for Italian paste and canning.


 RutgersVF73-86DeterminateGlobe6-8 oz.V, F

Excellent early variety for canning and juice. Crack-free. Old-time flavor. Developed by Campbell’s 1928.


OGSan Marzano70-90Indeterminate largeRectangular flat sides1.5 X 3.5" 

Vigorous vines offer good cover, produce clusters of intensely red fruit that hold well on the vine or in storage. Fruit resist cracking and are excellent for paste, puree or canning due to high solids. Italy.




   Super Sioux



 VarietyDays*Plant Habit/SizeFruit ShapeFruit SizeDisease**
PStupice52-85Indeterminate up to 4'Slightly flat globe3-4 oz. 

A favorite in the Pacific Northwest, Stupice performs well wherever cooler weather prevails. The plant’s “potato leaves” offer good cover to very early yields of small to medium sized fruit with exceptional flavor.


PSuper Sioux70Indeterminate, medium sizeGlobe4 oz.ASC

Rather open plant has fair cover. Excels in dry areas. Sets fruit well even in high temps. Smooth, red, thick–walled, fleshy fruit have old-time acidic flavor. Developed in Nebraska. Historically linked to Native Americans of the Great Plains.


OG, PSweetie50-79Indeterminate, largeGlobe0.5ASC

One of the sweetest cherries, Sweetie boasts 12–14% sugar content and can be used for juice or preserves without adding sugar. Everbearing plant produces 1–1.5" fruit in clusters of 15–20.


PWisconsin 5572-75IndeterminateRound8 oz.AB, St.

Recommended for good soils only, WI 55 produces a good yield that ripens evenly. Large, smooth, deep red, uniform fruit have strong skin and solid walls. Resist blossom end rot and cracking.


PYellow Pear78IndeterminatePearLess than 1 oz. 

Large plant prolifically produces oodles of tiny yellow pear-shaped fruit with a mild flavor.


*From transplant

**Anth – Anthracnose; ASC – Alternaria Stem Canker; BSP – Bacterial Speck; F1 – Fusarium Race 1; LB – Late Blight; N – Nemotodes (root knot); St – Stemphylium (grey leaf spot); TMV – Tobacco Mosaic Virus; V – Verticillium Wilt


Items marked at left: P = packets; OG – organic packets.
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