Marigold, Crackerjack
Big blooms on tall stems. These carnation-like flowers often exceed 5"/13 cm. in diameter on 2 - 3' / 1 m. stems. Colors include yellow, gold and orange. Marigolds grow quickly from seed and bloom continuously summer through fall.

Marigold, Harlequin
Puts some romance back in the garden. Stunning! Your customers will swoon and forget that this is a member of the lowly marigold clan. Big 2" flowers, 24 to 36" stems.

Marigold, Petite Mixed Colors
Continuous blooms, easy to grow. This popular mix of French marigolds grows to 8" / 20 cm. Easy-to-grow plants offer continuous blooms great for borders and beds.

Marigold, Sparky
A reliable garden favorite. Sparky is a sturdy little French type that grows from 12 - 14" and produces gold, orange, and red flowers that resemble miniature carnations. Ideal in borders, edgings, in masses or in containers.

Mexican Hat
Flowers in heat and drought. Grows to 36" and might better be called Sombrero for the hat it resembles with its large center and drooping petals. The charming red and yellow wildflowers are widely adapted but are prized for flowering reliably in arid regions and during seasons of drought.

Mexican Sunflower, Torch
A favorite of butterflies. Big plant. Favored for attracting butterflies, this fast-growing, vigorous annual puts on a brilliant show! It's scarlet-orange, daisy-like flowers measure 2" in diameter. The branching sunflower-like plant grows from 3' to 6' and has a 2' to 3' spread by autumn.

Molleluca laevis or Bells of Ireland
Easy to grow, sow early outdoors. Bells of Ireland aren't just for the Irish anymore. They fill in nicely alongside bright flowers in the garden or in large bouquets. But they're not flowers, they're bracts - small membranous, leaf-like organs. Refer to small ones as bractlets.

Moonflower - Ipomoea notiflora
Night blooming, enormous. This vigorous, easy-to-grow vine grows 12 - 15' and produces fragrant, silky-white, night-blooming flowers, 5 - 6" across. Flowers open in the evening and last until the next morning. Use on arbors or as a privacy screen.

Morning Glory, Crimson Rambler
Useful dense vines grow to 15'. One of the most popular flowering vines, these produce a profusion of 4" (10 cm.), trumpet-shaped flowers. This variety features large crimsoncolored, white-throated flowers. The attractive, dark green foliage is very dense, making vines useful for covering trellises, banks, and tree stumps.

Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott
Striking Bavarian heirloom. Small, deep-purple flowers with a red star and white throat are produced in profusion on vines that grow to 15'. One of the original Bavarian heirlooms offered by Seed Savers Exchange founder Kent Whealy to the seed trade for all to enjoy. Thanks Kent!

Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
Big flowers, long vines. Morning Glory's vigorous vine is perfect for covering arbors, trellises, porches, banks, and hanging baskets. The beautiful Heavenly Blue flowers Measure 4 - 5" / 10 - 13 cm. and bloom summer through fall.

Morning Glory, Mixed Colors
Dense foliage grows to 15'. One of the most popular flowering vines, these produce a profusion of 4" (10 cm.), trumpet- shaped flowers that are indigo blue, maroon, and white. The attractive, dark green foliage is very dense, making vines useful for covering trellises, banks, and tree stumps.

Nasturtium, Empress of India
Compact, easy to grow heirloom. Featured in Olds' 1905 catalog and sold through the mid-1920s, "The Empress" is prolific producer of deep crimson flowers amid attractive blue-green foliage. Compact for a nasturtium, she's easy to grow from seed and thrives in full sun and part shade.

Nasturtium, Whirlybird Blend
Holds blossoms above foliage. Unlike other nasturtiums, Whirlybird holds its flowers above or outside its foliage. Olds' blend features cherry, cream, gold, mahogany, orange, scarlet, and tangerine. Nasturtiums are easily, and perhaps best, grown from seed.

Nicotiana, Sensation
Heady perfume, blooms into fall. These stalks of beautiful, starshaped flowers with a delightful fragrance are produced all summer and into fall. Colors range from white to pink, red and lavender, and blooms stay open on dull days. Use in mass plantings, mixed with other flowers, in containers; great cut flowers.

Painted Daisy, Tricolor
Long stems, excellent bouquets. These bushy annuals to produce plenty of daisies in early and mid-summer. The white, pink, and red flowers have yellow centers, and their long stems combine with fern-like foliage to make excellent bouquet presentations.

Corn or Flanders Poppy, American Legion
Delicate blossoms in late spring. The delicate, large red flowers are held on 2 - 3' stems above neat clumps of foliage. The plants do not transplant well but compete well with grass. A European native, it is naturalized throughout the Northeast and Midwest U. S.

Poppy, Shirley Mix
Beautiful, dainty flowers. Spectacular flowers, with fringed, crepe paper-like petals are carried well above the plants on willowy stems. Colors include shades of white, pink, rose, and red, and bicolor. Use in mass plantings or blend with other late-spring, early-summer flowers. Excellent for naturalizing in country gardens.

Portulaca, Double Mix
Easy to grow, takes heat, drought. Double Mix features many colors-yellow, white, scarlet, orange, light pink, and dark pink. The plants grow 4" to 6" tall, and the flowers a good 1.5" diameter with many doubles. Portulaca prefers sandy soil and tolerates heat and drought.

Reseda odorata, Mignonette
Extraordinarily fragrant. Mignonette is grown for its extraordinarily sweet fragrance. The tiny flowers are borne on dense spikes. Plants can be massed for an incredibly fragrant effect. Excellent in beds and borders near windows and doorways.