Transparent, plastic tilt-bins cost
effectively display and dispense bulk
garden seed. All five modules are sold
separately. All the modules are 2 ft.
wide, so they can be stacked.
Decorate the bins with Olds' color bin
labels, sold separately. Blank cardstock
labels are provided with each module.
The bins quickly convert to hold other
small items for the offseason.

We call it bulk seed because it is sold to retailers in "bulk bags" to be packed by the retailer into packages for retail sale. Those bulk "bags" might be only 1 oz. envelopes but most are 4 oz, 1 lb., 5 lbs., 25 lbs., and 50 lbs. Some retailers pack seed from display bins as customers call for it. Others pack bulk garden seed in late winter, before the spring rush, to avoid making customers wait. These packs are often stored in bins with the unpacked bulk seed.

Not all seeds are appropriate for retailers to sell in bulk. That is why you'll see more varieties of some kinds of seed on our packet list. Few flower seeds are sold from bulk, but some are very popular to sell from bins. Retailers of garden seed from bulk are in an excellent position to sell flower seed packets. Few expensive hybrid vegetables or unusual varieties are sold from bulk, so complementing bulk sales with Olds' garden seed packets is a key part of the product mix and an important sales opportunity for retailers who sell from bulk bins.

Some larger retailers (and small retailers whose large market of gardeners allows it) sell beans, corn, peas, and some small seed from bulk bins. They also sell beans, corn, and peas and some small seeds from bulk prepack bins. They also sell all kinds of seed in seed packets as well.

If just starting out with bulk and not sure what varieties to carry, look over the bulk-prepack list on the order form. Those are the most popular, tried and true bulk garden seed varieties. In general, retailers continue to move away from straight bulk sales with combinations of bulk, bulk-prepack, and packets and or just go cold-turkey to bulk-prepack and packets.

Olds has accessories for bulk sales found at the back of the bulk order form-tilt-bins, color bin labels, and self-seal envelopes. Three sizes of envelopes are printed with lists of vegetables, a place to write variety names or put on a label, and a place for your store stamp or label.

Tags on the bags of bulk garden seed must be kept with the seed from that bag at all times, whether stored bulk bin for sale or stored as carryover until next year. From mid-June to January, carryover seeds should be stored, with their original tags, in air-tight containers in a cool, dark, dry place. For that matter, bulk seed, bulk-prepack, or seed packets should never be displayed where direct sunlight falls.

Care should be taken to keep sweet corn treated with fungicide out of the reach of children, but the amount of fungicide contained on a few kernels in a small hand is harmless. Generally, bulk garden seed is not sold from bins as a self-serve item in the store.

Olds provides, upon request, an list of updated germination rates from test preformed on any seed lot carried over in our climate controlled storage vault. We keep our lot samples in a cool, dry place, so the tests results are more like tests on seed stored in a cool, dry place in a store. Never store seed in a poorly ventilated space or shed where high temperatures and humidity combine to kill seed. If we can't provide an germination update for a significant amount of carry over seed you have on hand, we'll test a sample of 400 seeds for you at no charge. Call for more details.